Brendan Duffey

Producer, Mix & Mastering Engineer


For over a decade I have been a music producer and engineer. I have mixed, mastered, and produced some of the largest names in music in Brazil and internationally. I have worked with artists such as Malta (winner of Globo's Superstar), Sambô, Move Over (Globo Superstar), Kiko Loureiro (Megadeth/Angra), Angra, Andre Matos, Almah, RPM (2012 Grammy nomination), Mike Mangini, Dr. Sin, Astafix, 50 Cent, The Mission, Wanessa Camargo, Tihuana, Billy Sheehan, Ripper Owens, Biquini Cavadão, PG, IZI, CW7, Hateen and many others.




  • EgglestonWorks AndraIII SE
  • Barefoot Micro Main 35
  • 2 x Theta Digital Enterprise mono block amplifier


  • SPL PQ 2050 Mastering EQ
  • SPL Passeq Matering EQ
  • Weiss EQ1 MK2
  • Mindprint DTC

Dynamic processors:

  • Elysia Alpha Mastering Compressor
  • Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
  • Cranesong STC-8
  • Waves Maxx BXL

A/D – D/A converters and signal processors:

  • dB Technoligies (Lavry) MKII A/D converter
  • Cranesong HEDD
  • AnaMod ATS-1 tape Simulator
  • Avid HD I/O 8x8x8
  • Avid Omni

Monitor control:

  • Cranesong Avocet


  • Pro Tools HDX
  • Sonic Studios Soundblade



In mixing my objective is to enhance the sonic character and attitude of each recording. All of the mixing I do is hybrid, combining my Pro Tools HDX rig and plug-ins with my vast array of analog outboard gear. Depending on the sonic demands of the project I may or may not use a summing mixer.


In mastering my objective is to ensure the best possible quality and translatability of every song I work with. Along with the musical sensitivities I focus heavily on the signal chain and gain structure to insure the highest quality result. My extensive experience coupled with high quality analog and digital signal processing helps me make decisions to achieve the highest quality master possible. All of the mastering I do is hybrid, combining my Pro Tools HDX rig and plug-ins with my vast array of analog outboard gear.


My production starts by finding the artist's intent. Working in and out of the studio my objective is to coach and motivate the performer. I work through song selection, arrangement, sonic and tonal character to find the core focus of the band.


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